02 / 16 / 2013

by Cash Crop on February 16, 2013

Cash Crop / Slig / New Mexico Tour 2013

When Air Turns to Water just checked in, they’re finally eating In’n'Out for the first time on their way to the airport to fly home to locations domestic and abroad. We had a fantastic time hanging out with them for the last week and miss them already like long-distance lovers. A huge thanks to Slig, Swampland, Race Against Space, and Bofus for playing shows with us, along with the rad fellas from Hemorrhage and Caravels and Chiefs and Small Talk and Sterile Jets for hanging out and being so nice. All the fantastic and hard-working people spread out from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and parts in between that put on shows and gave us a hand, thank you very much, we couldn’t have shown these east-coasters as good a time without your help and support.

We’re taking a few weeks off to write, but we’ll be back playing some great local shows in March with Tucson AZ’s No Radio and Seattle WA’s Serial Hawk before we take off with Slig for four days at the end of the month to visit the Land of Enchantment. Apparently we have need for fantastic sunsets.